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Doggy Toothbrush®

The Doggy Toothbrush® Brushing Stick

The Doggy Toothbrush® Brushing Stick | Doggy Toothbrush®

Doggy Toothbrush®

The Doggy Toothbrush® Brushing Stick

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Worried About Your Dogs Oral Health?

Not brushing your pup’s teeth is the number one cause of gingivitis, bad breath, inflammation, and oral disease. In fact, 4 in 5 dogs suffer from oral health disease by the age of 3!

No fur parent would want that to happen, right?  Just like people, dental care and oral care are crucial parts of raising a dog.

With the Doggy Toothbrush® brushing stick, you don't need to struggle to clean their teeth manually and can easily train them in a way they love!

Designed Perfectly for Your Dogs Anatomy

Toothbrushing is not just for humans. In fact, brushing your pooch’s teeth at least once a day is recommended by experts and vets. The DoggyToothbrush® is perfectly shaped for your dogs anatomy and will easily remove plaque and unwanted buildup on your dog's teeth.  

Durable and Environmentally Friendly 

The Doggy Toothbrush® is made from a super durable natural rubber. The environmentally-friendly design is also non-toxic (not to be eaten or used as a chew toy).

Enjoyable Smell for Human and Doggo Alike

The Doggy Toothbrush® has a pleasant light rubber smell infused with peppermint (often described as milk-like smell). This smell will entice your dog to lick and chew right away. In the case where they do not like the smell, simply rinse thoroughly. 


Let Your Furry Friend Chew Their Cavities Away!

It’s only natural for dogs to want to chew away their stress. So, why not make them brush their teeth at the same time? Say goodbye to stressful tooth brushing of your paw friends with the help of the Doggy Toothbrush®. Fun for your dogs, absolutely no hassle for you. What a perfect concept! 

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Safety Warning: This is a tool for cleaning and brushing your dogs teeth, not a toy, and should be treated as such. To avoid dangers due to aggressive chewing, please let your dog use this toothbrush no more than five minutes each time under your supervision. To learn more about how to use the Doggy Toothbrush® and our Safety Disclosure Here & Here

Reminder: To achieve better efficient cleaning, you can add toothpaste or peanut butter into the reservoir.

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