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Safety Information

Safety Information & Disclosure

Please advise the Doggy Toothbrush® is not a toy and is designed to be used as a tool for daily brushing. The Doggy Toothbrush® is not invincible and is subject to damage.

Safety Usage

1. Inspect the Doggy Toothbrush® upon receiving it and prior to each use. If damaged discontinue use immediately. 

2. Use the Doggy Toothbrush® for 3-5 minutes 1-2 times daily under supervision of the pet parent. Remove when not in use.

3. Wash and store away the Doggy Toothbrush after each use until next time. 

4. Replace every 1-3 months. If damaged discontinue use and replace immediately.

5. Please keep in mind that, while durable, the Doggy Toothbrush® is not indestructible. If any pieces are breaking off please discontinue use immediately and contact your vet if they have swallowed any pieces. While made from a natural rubber, this is a standard safety precaution we advise. 

Your Dogs Safety Is Your Responsibility

While enjoyable and beneficial for your dog, the Doggy Toothbrush® is not a toy. Always supervise your dog while brushing with Doggy Toothbrush® and remove when not in use. This will keep your fur baby safe and promote the habitual routine of brushing. 

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