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How It Works


Once You Have The Doggy Toothbrush®, It's Important To Know How it Works!


Understand how to safely use the Doggy Toothbrush®. This is not a toy and is intended to be used as a tool to help with daily brushing while under supervision. Try to promote lighter chewing when using the Doggy Toothbrush®

The Doggy Toothbrush® is not invincible and is subject to damage. Discontinue use if you find the Doggy Toothbrush® has been damaged. To learn more about how to safely use the Doggy Toothbrush® please visit the Safety Disclosure Page.



Introduce your pup to the Doggy Toothbrush® once a day at first just by itself. The meat flavoured bristles should be enough to intrigue your dog to begin chewing. Let Your dog chew the top bristle portion (not the base) for 3-5 minutes, preferably after meals. You can also add Doggy Toothpaste® to the top slit on the Doggy Toothbrush® to increase the cleaning effectiveness.


If this is not enough to get your dog chewing on the Doggy Toothbrush® several recommendation are advised from pet owners:

a) Use an additive to further incentive chewing like coconut oil, Peanut Butter or Dog Toothpaste. Note: your dog will most likely lick it but this is a great way to get them used to the brush.

b) Engage in tug-a-war like play with the Doggy Toothbrush® to get your dog interested and biting on the Doggy Toothbrush®. 

c) Once your dog starts to bite it let them play and chew on it for several minutes. Once they have stopped, praise them and even use a treat to reinforce this good behaviour.

Note: you can start to use the Doggy Toothbrush® without an additive after some time of getting used to it. We are trying to build a habit of brushing daily!


Wash and store away the Doggy Toothbrush® after each use until next time. Replace every 1-3 months. If damaged discontinue use and replace immediately.


While most dogs take to the Doggy Toothbrush® immediately, some dogs have different chewing preferences. Dogs are pragmatic and animals of habit. They crave routine and respond well to structure. Develop a routine around Bristly to maximize its effects.

If you repeat these steps a few times daily, your dog will get the hang of it and be on their ay to a lifetime of great oral health. 

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